Inspiring Young Environmental Leaders!

A Youth-Led Non-profit Community fighting for Climate Justice and Educational Democratization working on a Global Scale to empower youth. 


More than an NGO, an Environmental Forum.

ENTER International is keen on revolutionizing education, the assumptions of environmental leaders, and youth in positions of power. 

Through Online Courses, In-Person Events, and informal education we can offer students the context and the connections to unlock their potential and impact their local realities.

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ENTER International acts as a bridge to connect Youth with Environmental Leaders and Local realities.

Appreciation of the local territory is key for student valorization and furthering of opportunities.

Venetian ESummer

Italian Summer Program in Bassano del Grappa focused on Climate Leaders & Tech.

Econnected | Debates

International Environmental Debates in Partnership with Somos Natureza.

European Climate Leaders

Erasmus+ Training Course


The Future of Education.

The Italian educational system is reportedly the second most stressful globally. How to motivate students who are hopeless about their future? How to drag youth out of the GPA obsession spiral? 

ENTER International approaches the problems related to Youth appreciation, Social Inequalities, and Diversity. 

“Empower.Ed is a gift from ENTER to ENTER International’s community itself! It’s a love letter written as a movie” – Felipe Florentino

Don't Stop Thriving!

At ENTER International we value well-rounded Youth. The key factor is having Opportunities for practice our abilities both in known and new ambiances. Being a manager or volunteer will not change your experience. We are looking foward to Growth.

Sabrina De Angelis
Sabrina De Angelis
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Having that interface, hands-on experience with ENTER International addressed this issue beautifully as well as trying to close the inequality gaps between the different cultures - Breaking that stigma as they value our potential 👏😄
Ines Sofia Leitao
Ines Sofia Leitao
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The ENTER international team showed exceptional dedication and commitment, offering a quality program with interactive and unconventional approaches, making it a unique institution.
Clayton Wolf Polati
Clayton Wolf Polati
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I truly enjoyed my Venetian ESummer experience. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about business and how to integrate sustainability into it, while also immersing myself in different cultures. Most importantly, the ESummer broadened my worldview significantly.
Alessandra Avram
Alessandra Avram
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A special thanks to Treviso Creativity WEEK for having me as a special guest in the Teatro Accademico in Castelfranco Veneto. Being able to represent ENTER international in this event was a pleasure and I am honored to be given this opportunity.

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