Creativity Start-up 2022

Deadline 16th of October

Giving Space to Young Entrepreneurs!

Agenda of Creativity Startup 2022 Applications

Creativity without boundaries!

Treviso Creativity Week 2022

Official Rules and Dates | English

Above all Creative Individuals.

Treviso Creativity Week 2022

FAQ Section TCW Competition

Most frequent questions and answers

If constituted:

Startups must be constituted less than 6 months ago (From the date of launch of TCW 2022)

If not constituted:

Any Italian Startup,  or foreign startup that is considering branching and expanding to Italy as well.

There are no precise formats to follow to apply for the Creativity Startup Award

Candidates must send an email to with the following documents (in the format preferred):

  1. Name of the Participant/s and Contact Person
  2. Problems and Opportunities Addressed
  3. Novelty and Innovation (Technological or not) adressed by the new business or idea
  4. Added value that the startup brings to the problem/opportnity addressed
  5. Business Model
  6. Analysis of the Competitiors
  7. Economic and Financial Forests
  8. Current stage of development

If you are not currently in Italy and you are selected among the 10 finalists, you will not be required to be In-Person on the 11th of November. You will be able to join a Videocall and Pitch your idea to our jury. 

It is not a problem if you are not able to Speak Italian! 

You can send your request in english and if you are selected, you will be able to attend the final competition in english as well. 

In alternative you can ask one of our translators to assit you from English to Italian during your Pitch. Send a request to if we are available it will be enough for you to confirm this methodology with 

For detailed questions or atypical situations you can email

If you need assistance/review of your application you can write an email to and we will be available to assist you on the steps towards your application.

There are no age limits and restrictions for the Creativity Startup Competition 2022. 

It’s time to be creative without boundaries! Apply now!

There is no citizenship requirement. 

You can be Italian planning a Italian Startup or International planning to reach Italy as one of your targets (but not necessarily the exclusive one!)

If you wish to discuss with other TCW Competitors and candidates you can reach our IG Page ( and join our International whatsapp group chats!