Creating the next Generation of Climate Leaders.

Our strengh lies in differences. Not in similarities.

From Bassanese Teenagers
to the World's Youth

A Youth-Led Non-profit Community fighting for Climate Justice and Educational Democratization.

Video by Alberto Ardit.

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At ENTER International we value well-rounded Youth. The key factor is having Opportunities for practice our abilities both in known and new ambiances. Being a manager or volunteer will not change your experience. We are looking foward to Growth.

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International Environmental Debates in Partnership with Somos Natureza


Italian Summer Program in Bassano del Grappa focused on Climate Leaders & Tech

About ENTER International!

educating the next generation of leaders

Our Core Values

Gain Life-Time connections

What is the point of being part of a Organization if you are not able to connect with other leaders?

Develop Leadership skills in a practical manner

We value your committment in our activities as much as your Growth Professionally through our Programs

Promote Innovation & Creativity

All suggestions and feedbacks are welcome in our Community!

Responsabilities even
for the Youngest of us

Don't matter how old you are
there will always be a Leadership role for you.
Proficiency can only be reached through Experience.

Equality &

Your financial Situation or Etnic Background will never be something to be ashamed of at ENTER International!

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