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We cannot always build the future for our Youth, but we can build the Youth for the Future.

Admitted to the ESummer and ready to take your flight?

If you managed to get to the ESummer Congratulations! It’s your time to thrive with the next World Leaders! But first… let us remind you of some details you need to take into consideration before departing. 


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General FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The ESummer is a semi-formal event but don’t forget about our city tours! 

You should plan on packing with you both formal clothing for our Econnected Inspired Debates and casual outfits for our trips. 

Bringing with you a graduation like suit or dress will turn out to be useful too during the initial and closing cerimony.

Notice that Italy, differently from other Eastern Countries, do not have cultural dress codes but you should pay attention in case you visit or plan on visiting the local churches.

July is overall a difficult season. You will probably experience a temperature around 26 and 32 degree celcius in Veneto however there might be some heavy raining moments therefore we advise you to bring a L-Way.

Transportation is usually never a problem in Italy. You will be able to take both buses, bicicles Taxis and Trains. 

The buses tickets are usually from 1 to 4 euros and a Train’s ticket do not exceed 8 euros. 

We advise you not to take Taxis as they cover short distances and they are way more expensive than any other mean of transportation in Italy.