The Future of Education.

The Italian educational system is reportedly the second most stressful globally. How to motivate students who are hopeless about their future? How to drag youth out of the GPA obsession spiral? 

ENTER International approaches the problems related to Youth appreciation, Social Inequalities, and Diversity. 

OUT 3RD OF DECEMBER, 2023 | AT 8PM CET (Central Europe Time)

"It was almost like we were all connected by this will to bring awareness to our surroundings"

ENTER International recollects all their memories from pitching their idea up until 2023. The difficulties faced, the lack of entrepreneurialism in the Bassanese territory, the feeling of appreciation from the municipality itself. Empower.Ed potrays way more than factual data on education, it tells the story of a whole community.

"How do you get into the Italian Workforce? You don't, in Italy you don't."

– Polyana Coutinho Vizoto in Empower.Ed


In October 2023, ENTER International decided to launch an educational cinematography research on Italian Youth to celebrate its 4 years anniversary. 

The Program involved students from Bard College, ENTER International, and other external interviewees. The documentary recollected the general feeling of Italian education and the ways to approach it fairly.

“Empower.Ed is a gift from ENTER to ENTER International’s community itself! It’s a love letter written as a movie” – Felipe Florentino


Empower.Ed: A Journey on Youth and Sustainability.

Dive into Italian Education, the history of ENTER International, interviews with members, volunteers and lead figures!

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"That was the topic to be tackled, try to solve up the perception of Youth in Society"

Most times Youth in Italy is portrayed as “too young” or incapable. Over time this turns out to be a characteristic of the Italian economy impeding it from growing towards innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact.  ENTER International aims to change this reality by allowing youth to join the administrative board and tackle exactly the difficulties they have been facing first hand. 

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