From Earth to Art.

International Youth Workers Training Exchange located in Ommen, Netherlands. Taking place from the 27th of July to the 7th of August 2024.


Students from all nationalities are eligible to apply, however, in order for them to attend the initiative they must be residing in one of the following countries: Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, or Poland.

We will invite 4 participants (18+) resident in each of the above-mentioned countries. There will be 20 participants in total.

All students will be required to participate in a dissemination activity after the two week event participation.


27th July - 7th August 2024

What is From Earth to Art?

The project stems from the idea that in the face of the ongoing climate crisis, there is an ever-increasing need for effective and expert actions to promote a change in individual and collective behavior, and that this is possible through education and awareness-raising among young people about climate justice and sustainability issues.

The project represent a non-formal learning mobility opportunity for Youth Workers from 5 different countries in Europe to enhance new creative ways to raise awareness about climate change impact and to motivate Young people to act for a greener future.

Make Education Accessible.

How does Earth to Art work?

Housing, Food and Travel Expenses are fully covered!

Housing and Food are fully covered upon your arrival at our program, your travel costs are reimbursed towards the end of the program!

No Nationality Barriers.

We don't evaluate students based on their nationality rather what matters is if you are residing in one of the chosen EU countries.

Life-Long Education.

Connect to international students worldwide coming from around the EU! Build your sustainability and art skills in workshops and informal learning.

educating the next generation of leaders

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educating the next generation of leaders