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Join Venetian ESummer 2024

We cannot always build the future for our Youth, but we can build the Youth for the Future.

Taking place from the 17th of July to the 25th of July 2024.

Don't Stop Thriving!

The Venetian ESummer is one of ENTER’s biggest self-founded event. With over 2k students applying from all over the world, ENTER International uses this occasion to foster international and intergenerational connection. 

Core Activities & Themes

Each year, ENTER International’s Events team offers a unique sorting of activities, connections to local realities, and occasions for dialogue.  This is an overview of what every Venetian ESummer has in mind. Minor alterations might be applied. 

Aspire to Inspire before we expire.

Driving Youth to be the next leaders the World is in need of.

Who should apply?

Everyone aged between 16 to 27, interested in sharpening their knowledge about tech and sustainability while being in direct contact with International students.

Am I suited for the ESummer?

The ESummer was created for empowered students from around the world ready to take the next step towards tech and sustainability and learn how to apply the skills acquired to global issues.

How does the selection process work?

The selection process is divided in Application and Interview (if required). In Both cases is crucial to have an intermediate level of english and good internet connection.

Join the class of 2024 !

educating the next generation of leaders

Who are we looking for?

At ENTER International we aim at offering students an ambiance they have not had to engage in beforehand. Your effort, your personality, and your motivation matter much more than your current achievements. 

We aim to be your launch platform. 

Ruth Amorim
Admissions Officer for the Americas

What about Eligibility?

Eligibility at the Venetian ESummer is quite simple you need to be at least 16+ at the beginning of the program to be eligible.

No restrictions in terms of university, gap year or school requirements.

Documents needed?
– Your CV in English + Extracurricular Activities
– Application Questions

Lei Beato
Admissions Officer for Asia


Students can temporarily look at the year 2023 agenda to have an idea of how the 2024 edition will look. The final agenda will be released to all students as soon as confirmed.



The 17th of December is the arrival day (no classes) and the 25th the departure day (no classes).  Regardless, if you are an ambassador or applied to be such you will be required to be on campus on the 16th of July.

For any questions, we are available at enterinternationaladmissions@gmail.com or team.enterinternational@gmail.com 

Guide into the Venetian ESummer 2023

About the class of 2023 !

educating the next generation of leaders