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ENTER International has been collecting an increasing amount of alumni and impacted students throughout its sustainability programs. Get to learn more about us!

What is ENTER International?

ENTER is an international non-profit youth-lead organization based in Italy and registered with Erasmus+ Corps. 

Our goal is to promote awareness to people aged between 14 to 30 years old on topics related to the environment, technology, leadership and mobility. 

Our mission is possible through unconventional activities such as Summer Programs, Youth Mobility, Online Courses, Festivals & Hackatons.

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Strength lies in


not in similarities.

An International youth-led community fighting for climate justice and educational democratization

Our Social Impact.

Since 2019, ENTER gathered an international audience to which we constantly

have been offering educational and professional opportunities. 


Youth Reached

through Events, Educational Contents, Volunteering Programs


Countries Involved

Most rappresented Countries: India, Nigeria, Brazil


International Candidates

International Programs' and Volunteering Candidates


International Programs

launched during the past 5 years.

Which countries have ENTER International reached?

Admissions and Applications data from Econnected 2021/2022 Edition. 

Our Leadership & Founders

Who Founded ENTER International? 

Polyana Visotto


Polyana Visotto is currently the CEO & Founder of ENTER International. With expertise in international business development and communication, Polyana was the first to bridge ENTER to a Global audience through the Erasmus+ Corps. 

Today she advises the team’s Public Relations and Branding strategies with the aim of further impacting underprivileged social groups and supporting local communities.

Felipe Florentino


Felipe Florentino first joined ENTER International in 2021 working his way up to the administration and culminating in 2023 with a Vice-President position.

Today Felipe pursues his expertise in educational methodologies and practices. As part of the board members, Felipe strategizes protocols, human resources acquisition and workforce appreciation. 

Ines Sofia Leitao


After attending almost all events launched by ENTER International in 2019, Ines has been nominated as Events Project Manager. 

Currently, Ines Sofia leads sustainable initiatives and practices within ENTER, being notoriously recognized for her multi-year attendance at the Venetian ESummer training. She pursues not only higher education in the field of Business and International relations but also has a keen interest in humanitarian rights and European law.  

The thoughts of the Founders.

ENTER was born thanks to an initiative called “smart test” who had the goal of promoting basilar civic education concepts among students. Through this path Liceo Brocchi’s Teenagers decided to create Videos and Articles that could go further than their School and have an influence on Bassanese Teenagers. 

Today, ENTER is an International organization, not affiliated anymore to G.B. Brocchi but still extremely bounded to the local community. 

Photos by: Leonardo Grego

How was the path of funding ENTER in 2019?

ENTER was a project where I was able to implement my skills that until now I had not had the opportunity to exploit in the school environment. I put my graphics skills into practice, editing parts of the initial website. I also have written several articles of various kinds to further inform people on the subject of water, bringing out my part as a "writer". Enter was my chance to test my abilities on various fronts.
Angelica Moro
All this was born from a simple school project proposed by the teachers. At first the idea of creating a website seemed crazy to me, however when we all started working together, helping each other this idea started to sound possible. Creating ENTER was not easy, in fact we had to work a lot, especially from an IT point of view. However, the difficulties allowed us to explore our skills. I learned more about the advertising field by dealing with the graphic aspect of youtube and also the ENTER's commercials.
Francesca Freites
Enter was born with the aim of informing people about water related issues. As a computer scientist and editor from day one I found myself working hard on this project, however I really enjoyed shooting for the videos with my mates. Thanks to ENTER I was able to improve my editing skills in terms of quality and speed. By working with diligence and seriousness we have finally achieved this goal.
Marco Battistello

Executives & Ambassadors

Leadership Figures at ENTER International.