What do our students think about Econnected?

The Experience of one of the Chairs at Econnected Trust me, I loved each moment, it was amazing! I got to meet amazing hearts, talked to them on interesting topics related to our planet from different angles and perspectives, the chairs were professional, flexible, and at the level. So were the organizers of the event, they were professional and seemed like they were doing this for ages, not to mention the debaters, so adorable and so life-loving...I can't wait for next year's Econnected

Amina Bekkaye

Chairman at Econnected

The Experience of one of the debaters at Econnected To overview the whole experience was tremendous where I engaged with brilliant youth all around the globe which they resemble as a delegate of their country. I Was truly amazed by the way the discussion take place with profound knowledge with advocacy back knowledge. Econnected this kind of event has to take place with once 3month in order to become more aware current condition and situation of our planet because of the I believe youth are key for unlock better future

Kalid Asnake

Debater at Econnected

What do our students think about Econectados?

The Experience of one of the debaters at the Brazilian Version of Econnected (Econectados) Participating in Econectados gave me a perspective of the world that I never had before. In this way, I was able to grow and gradually learn about the socio-environmental setting. So in 2020, I was invited to be part of the team, and since then I decided to help the Somos Natureza with the purpose of bringing this experience to more Teenagers.

Manoel Leonidas

Organizer at Econectados (Brazil)

The Experience of one of the debaters at the Brazilian Version of Econnected (Econectados) I participated in the pilot edition and the 1st edition of the Econectados program, it was an incredible and extremely enriching experience. I was able to delve into topics that I didn't have much contact with before, through virtual chats with the other participants. In addition, as a reflection of the network, I was able to rethink my daily habits that affected the environmental balance, and gradually find ways to change them.

Isabella Perazza

Somos Natureza Member

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