FAQ EU/EEA Nationals

Most frequent questions and answers

All EU / EEA nationals will only need to present an identification document to enter Italy, due to the common travel area of the Schengen Zone, part of which Italy is.

As of the 1st of June, COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted in Italy. Providing proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or negative test results is no longer required.

However  we advise you to both have at least one vaccine dose (if you are eligible for it). 


  1. Check with your doctor any other vaccines you might need.
  2. Check the requirements stated in your airlines/transportation ticket before booking.

The Italian border officer may ask you a few questions related to your trip to Italy, i.e.:

  • What is your purpose for visiting Italy?
  • How long do you intend to stay in Italy?
  • Where are you going to stay in Italy? Etc.

So remember to take with you an invitation letter from an Italian host, proof you have the financial means for a trip to Italy or a round-trip ticket, may be required from you. For more information in this regard, contact the local consular services of Italy in your country of residence.

Note that the Italian border police holds the final decision if you shall be permitted to enter Italy or not. If the Italian border officer concludes that you are no risk for Italy, upon checking your documents, you will be permitted to enter Italy.

Unfortunately each student accepted will have to pay for it’s own Trasportation costs.

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