From Bassanese Teenagers to the World's Youth

What is Econnected?

Econnected is an ENTER’s English  and International  Version of the Portuguese Debates “Econectados”  created in 2020 by  Somos Natureza

  • They are  composed by 4 Videocall Meetings divided in two time periods. During the first part (50 min) a Presenter opens officially the debates educating both the chairs and the debaters about a polemic environmental topic. The Videocall  continues with a 40 min session of active debates, managed by the Chairs (all of them are bilingual) who provide for a positive climate in between students and triggers them to continue the session.
  • This activity can be considered an honor extracurricular in your College applications.
  • There will be certificates of participation for those who is present in at least 3 of the 4 meetings.

We do not require any sort of fees from participants and candidates. This extracurricular activity is completely free.

The Experience of one of the debaters at the Brazilian Version of Econnected (Econectados)

Participating in Econectados gave me a perspective of the world that I never had before.  In this way, I was able to grow and gradually learn about the socio-environmental setting. So in 2020, I was invited to be part of the team, and since then I decided to help the Somos Natureza with the purpose of bringing this experience to more Teenagers.

Manoel Leônidas
One of the Organizers at Econectados, 17

Facilities given to Students who are part of Econnected

ENTER International

Official Organizator: Guarantees more than 20 Countries from all  over the World

ENTER International

Facilities when applying to be part of ENTER General Admissions or ENTER Summer Program

Somos Natureza

Official Organizator and Ideator of the Debates "Econectados"  in Portuguese

Somos Natureza

Free Ticket to participate to the ECONECTADOS Debates in Portuguese after Econnected

Wall Street English

Official Sponsor: Guarantees all of our Networking Platforms such as Google Meet , and provides Native Teachers to assist Chairs and Debaters

Wall street English

50% Discount to Bassanese Students to spend on the TOEIC Exam at Wall Street Bassano del Grappa

Econnected 2022 - Meetings Themes

Every Meeting starts at 3PM (Central Europe) and ends at 4:30 PM.

Why to participate?

Political debate-rafiki
  • Practice English Dynamically

    With Econnected you are able to practice dynamically your English skills. Futhermore Bassanese Students get a 50% Discount on the TOEIC English Certification Exam at Wall Street English Bassano.

  • Join 120 International students

    ENTER International has participants from more than 20 Countries from all over the world. Now, thanks to the Collaboration with the Brazilian Organization "Somos Natureza" the diversity among the participants grows strongly.

  • Free Environmental Workshops

    4 Professional Presenters will take care of the opening of our International Debates giving the Debaters and the Chairs the right background to help in their experience inside of Econnected

What roles are there inside of ECONNECTED?

Students from all over the world (Italy, Brazil, Canada etc) who decide to apply to be part of ECONNECTED.  During the debates their role is not to find the right answer but to understand the other participant's opinion. 

The Chair's role is to maintain the discussion active by asking more questions, or giving precious information to the Debaters. His opinion during all the debate shall be neutral.

The Presenters are previously chosen by both ENTER and Somos Natureza Organizers. Their role is to give an educational introduction to the problem that need to be discussed during the 1.30 h meeting.

Admissions Calendar 2022 - Debaters

What we look for when Admitting a Candidate?

Climate Knowledge
English Knowledge

Subscription are finally open!

You cannot miss this opportunity!

Deadline: the 7th of January

Debaters Subscription

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ section

In order to obtain the participation certificate we require Students to be present at 3 of the 4 Videocall meetings.

We do not require any language certification, but we expect students to have at least an intermediate knowledge of English.

For reference: B1/B2 or 6.0 (IELTS)

For any problems or emergencies  students can write an email to

Econnected's students can be admitted more easily than others in the ENTER's Summer program/ ENTER Regular Application but they need to show a strong interest into the field.

If you are not 14 yet but you were born in 2008, you can proceed with the application.

If you were born after 2008, we will be more than happy to read your application in the next Econnected edition.

No, here at ENTER International we do not require any sort of payment in order to send you application or to participate to the debates.

There are no country restrictions. As long as you can easily express yourself in english you can apply to be part of Econnected.