Econnected Chairmans Virtual Training

ENTER International offers training to all debate moderators called chairmans. Chairmans are free to take this self-paced course to get prepared and test their own abilities before the program. Regardless, all chairmans will be requested to attend the Live meetings to ensure all questions are solved. This course is offered as a way to save relevant information, templates and guides.

This course's aim is solely to prepare Debate Moderators to handle debates during the Econnected Session.
Past meetings are included in this course to ensure chairmans have access to a wide range of information if needed. You are free to skip the past editions and focus only on the updates documents.
The workshops included in this course represent only the first session of Econnected. After the short explanation from speakers, students and chairmans dive into pure debate.

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Enrolled: 27 students
Duration: Self-Paced
Lectures: 10
Video: Self-Paced
Level: Management Training