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ENTER International offers preparatory courses for our events, such as the Venetian ESummer preparatory course, as well as Managers/Executives trainings. These courses are acessible only to our Alumni and Volunteers. There are howver courses free to access to anyone interested in Environmental sustainability. Take a look!

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ENTER Funded Events

Econnected Chairmans Virtual Training

ENTER International offers training to all debate moderators called chairmans. Chairmans are...
10 Lectures
ENTER Funded Events

ESummer 2024 Preparatory Course

The Venetian ESummer Preparatory Online course allows students to be on the same educational...
17 Lectures

Articles & Active Learning

ENTER International gathers a large pool of article writers and academics.

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Farmer’s Revolt in Italy

In the past month, several revolts with farmers as protagonists have shaken Europe and have also arrived at the heart of the European Union to make their voices heard. Farmers from all over the 27 member countries coming from different contexts and having different needs related to their specific production, gathered together to protest against

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Results ESummer Ac O

ENTER International The Future of Sustainability. Each year thousands of students apply to be part of the Venetian ESummer yearly cohort. Today it is your turn to find out your results! Were you accepted?  Login to find out whether you were accepted into this year’s cohort! TRUSTED BY

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Can climate change increase the chances of Pandemics?

Because of Globalization, people can travel between continents using ships, airplanes, and trains, thereby increasing the interactions between individuals from other parts of the world. This has contributed to the spread of new illnesses and viruses that other individuals never had been in contact with before. The most recent event was the Covid-19 pandemic that is mostly

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Revival of rural areas as a tool to slow down climate change – Spain case study

Biodiversity reduction, increased frequency of wildfires, droughts, extreme temperatures, pollution, and a long list of commonly known climate change effects also constitute a consequence and cause of depopulation. Climate change and depopulation are linked, they feed back each other, and result in a fatal combination for rural areas.  The main characteristics of this vicious circle

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The Sinking City of Brazil and the exploration of rock-salt

In the coastal city of Maceió, Brazil, a silent tragedy has unfolded over the past five years. The city’s neighborhoods have been slowly sinking into the ground, forcing almost 60,000 residents to abandon their homes and livelihoods. The root cause of this catastrophe lies in the overexploitation of rock salt mines beneath the city, a

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