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EU Citizen

Anyone between 16 to 27 years old with an EU Citizenship or Visa can join the In-Person program having only their Identification Document

International Student

Anyone between 16 to 27 years old without an EU Citizenship that is planning on attending the In-Person event should have a valid Passport when entering the country.

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Guide into ESummer 2023

What is considered in my Application?

The ESummer is a Hybrid Summer Program organized by ENTER International in Mestre, Venice focused on Tech joint with Sustainability. The program is divided in multiple study cases, informal and formal debates together with local visits that promote cultural exchange among students and the locals. 

However the Summer Program does not use a meritocracy based system but evaluates the effort put by the candidate on the application and how the experience can improve their academic and professional profile.


Academic success
Previous Knowledge about sustainability
Entrepreneurship skills
Extracurricular Activities

What should be included in your Application?

Documents Needed


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Most frequent questions and answers

You do not need to pay in any way to submit the application. We deeply believe that educational content should be free to everyone that wishes to learn and thrive.

We hope to give everyone the chance to build their academic profile and impact society on a larger scale.

During the Videocall the interviewer needs to understand you fully. If you are not able to communicate with an intermediate level of English, even if you declared the opposite, your application will be denied.

If you had any sorts of family/health/internet connection issue, we will give you the chance to rebook your interview. However candidates must notify their Interviewer at maximum 24 hours after the missing call .

Please take into consideration that the amount you state in the application process is is protected by the EU Regulations and will not interfere with your results. This information is used solely to provide you with additional financial assistance. Therefore applicants that do not share this information will not be considered for the need-based financial help but only for the scholarships available.

Notice that your financial situation does not reflect in any way your worth or how you are perceived at ENTER International.

Yes, you will get to know the name of the interviewer some days before the meeting. This will be a great time to explore a little be more about his/her background and therefore connect fully, not as a candidate but as a person, with your interviewer.

Your financial situation will not influence in any way  your acceptance chances. In fact if you are not able to pay for the tuition/accomodation we will try everything we are able to, to get you on board. If there is no other way to get you to our In-Person program, but you were accepted, we will offer you the possibility to attend the Online Version of our Program.

All candidates’ abilities are already evaluated by the written answers given to the application’s questions, however you are invited to take a proficiency english test at E.F Platform. (Free and Online) or attach your proficiency test results(IELTS, TOEIC, DET, TOEFL, Cambridge). Must be over B1(Cambridge Level).

If you are selected for the Interview process your speaking skills will be also tested during the videocall.